Socially Conscious Clothing

Lost Format - Creating a clothing brand created to help the homeless.

Lost Format Apparel is meant to be fun. The vibrant 80’s retro vibe invites wearers to feel good in their product (and do good while wearing it!). The name, “Lost Format” is a nod to the tech boom of the 80’s: simple, sharp lines and bright colors molded into incredible design. We reflected those same retro vibes into the website design and social media content so the branding resonates across the Lost Format Apparel’s customer-facing presence. Using a combination of the apparel by itself and in action, Lost Format Apparel is showcased  as humanity focused and really freaking rad.

Chicago-based, Lost Format Apparel is the brainchild of three 80’s kids with a soft spot for social justice. Co-founders Chad, Ernie, and Christian initially connected over the shared understanding that good people, with good intentions, sometimes have really bad luck. And that sucks. So the three launched an apparel line in 2018 that donates a bag of most needed items with each sale to a Chicago-local homeless shelter/resource center for homeless people.

Role: Creative Director
UX Design, UI Design, Product Design, Photography

Let’s take a look at how we took this from an idea to a product -

Design Thinking

User Personas

User Flow


User Testing

Brand Style Guide

We believe that combining fun and high quality products with giving back is the key to a better world.


Brand Colors

Font Pairings

Image Guidelines

Lifestyle Photography

Fun and real. Natural settings, colors are realistic. Models are enjoying life while wearing clothing from Lost Format.

Catalogue Photography

Bright, fun, happy, energetic. Catalog images should show the exciting and fun vibe of the clothing.


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