Car care made easy

AutoXpert- Creating a car care app for busy people.

The goal of this project was to create a personal auto repair and maintenance app that feels like a an expert in your pocket. You're at the mechanic and they give you a huge quote, you can hop on the app and talk to an expert to get a fast second opinion from an unbiased source that's on your side. Users that hate they way they're talked to can simply drop off their car and have one of the experts do the talking for you so you get correct service at a fair price. DIY users can hop on an expert video call in the midst of a project they're stuck on and not only ask questions but also be able to show the expert what's happening via video to get the best advice possible.

Role: Creative Director
UX Design, UI Design

Let’s take a look at how we took this from an idea to a product -

Design Thinking

User Personas

User Flow


User Testing

Brand Style Guide

We want to empower people to understand and manage their car care without hassle or feeling taken advantage of.


Brand Colors

Font Pairings

Illustration Guidelines

Illustration style

Simple and understandable. The goal is for the user to immediately understand but not be distracted by the imagery.



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