Ama La Vida- Creating Brand Direction and content for a coaching company.

I was brought on to bring an elevated look to this already established brand. They have a fun and eclectic vibe so the goal was to continue that but bold up the color palette and give them some great brand photography and a brand style guide to help their coaches from all over the country stay within a cohesive design style when posting content.

Ama La Vida is an innovative career, life, health and leadership coaching company with a mission to help people to “love their lives” which is the meaning of our name. Whether it’s related to your career, your health or your personal goals, we work with you to craft your own vision for success and create a life that you truly love.

Branding, Photography

Let’s take a look at how we took this from an idea to a product -

Design Thinking

User Personas



An Overview

This document communicates the brand identity of Ama La Vida. Clearly articulating the mission, values and persona for the design of subsequent brand artifacts.

Brand Statement

Ama La Vida's branding goal is to visually fill the burnt out professional's passion bucket with inspiration and color.

Founder's Vision

“I knew I needed to democratize coaching and make it more appealing and affordable for all who need it. Through coaching, I thought I could activate people to move toward healthier and more fulfilling workplaces.A mutual friend saw that Foram and I were tackling a similar problem from two different angles and encouraged us to team up. I wanted to build a business that would help people find happiness and achieve their potential, and Foram wanted to utilize the latest coaching research and techniques to help people learn, grow and be their best selves. It was a natural partnership from the start, and on a subsequent coaching retreat to Ecuador, Ama La Vida was officially born. The phrase is Ecuador’s national slogan, meaning “love life,” and it stayed with us long after we returned Stateside. We knew this was what we wanted to help people to do – love their lives, and not have to wait until 5 or 6 or 7pm when they returned from work to start doing so.Since Ama La Vida’s launch, we’ve expanded our focus to include health, leadership and life coaching in addition to our career work and have hand-picked the nation’s top coaches to join our team. Together we bring holistic coaching solutions to help you transform your life into one you truly love.”

Nicole Wood

ALV Founder

Brand Values


Foram Sheth

ALV Co-Founder

Brand Values

Team Building

Brand Colors

Primary Colors

The primary colors give a bold elevated look while maintaining the fun approachable vibe which is the core of ALV. The colors work as large fill with white text and as text on lighter colors.

Font Pairings


The Ama La Vida Logo

We use a white logo on solid, primary color backgrounds and the colorful logo on white backgrounds. On either background, the colors were selected to pop.

Image Guidelines

ALV Brand Photography

We have a constantly growing gallery of our ALV Brand Photography images to use. Note how each photo features an intentionally placed bright, primary color per specifications from the branding guide.

Coach/Client supplied photo guidelines

For client and coach supplied images we are looking for nice lighting (faces light well no backlight) expressions and settings refect the brand, fun/professional/always bettering vibe. Examples show coach and client photos done well.


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